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Awards & Grants Received:

  • 2003 Telly Award - Commerce Casino

  • 2003 Telly Award - Bicycle Casino

  • 2003 Telly Award - Powerlock

  • 2003 Telly Award - Gallatea Jewelers

  • 2003 Telly Award - Edwards Cinema

  • 2003 Telly Award - Mercedes Benz

  • 2003 Telly Award - Charter Cable

  • 2003 Communicator Award

  • 2003 Communicator Award

  • 2003 Videographer Award

  • 2003 Videographer Award

  • Tiffon Filter Grant

  • Tiffon Filter Grant

  • UCSD Visual Art Grant (Writing)

Post graduation from UCSD, Cory worked as a writer for Digital Entertainment Network, Channel One News, and Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment.  At Sony, Danziger authored the division’s Style Guide for brand-centric elements.


Cory was the Creative Director of Charter Media in 2003, working with local and regional businesses on television commercials and campaigns.  Over the next 2 years, Danziger authored more than 100 commercials with an extraordinary team.  At Charter, Cory's work garnered 7 Telly Awards, 3 Communicator Awards, and several Videographer Awards.


During 2005, Cory became instrumental in the launch of Current Television.  Headed by Vice President Al Gore and business partner Joel Hyatt.  Danziger co-authored the “Laguna Reel” which served as a pilot programming block to showcase what would be the network’s unique approach to television.  He was also responsible for the network's slogan "That's how I stay Current."

Over the Pandemic in 2020, Cory authored two books from his home.  The first titled Sh*t I Know For Sure focuses on his three decade long career in art and entertainment and the lessons learned along the way.   The Second Edition book is currently available.  The second book titled On Manifesting was released in July, 2021.

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