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By Cory Danziger

The second literary offering, On Manifesting focuses on the art of visualization, goal setting, and receiving the life one desires from a forgiving and generous universe. 


The book reveals the basics of a healthy manifesting practice, questions that arise in the process of visualization, and encourages readers to create their own personal ritual of manifesting things into reality. 


Each is signed by author Cory Danziger.  Profits for this release go to Greetings with Gratitude.


Stories, Lessons and Tips I've Learned From My Life in Art & Entertainment
By Cory Danziger

Cory Danziger's literary debut Sh*t I Know for Sure is available now. There are 150 available hardcover copies in this Second Edition, each is signed by the author. The book focuses on lessons Danziger has learned over his three decade long career as actor, writer, and artist. Insightful, revealing, and inspiring, though Cory's journey has been unique, the lessons learned along the way are universal.


Profits for this release go to Pet Adoption Fund.


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